A Pumpkin Like You

by The This Many Boyfriends Club

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released December 25, 2013

official video for "only trying" - youtu.be/OtrBF0Jh_zI

recorded & mixed by patrick gardiner at concordia university
mastered by evan magoni

all songs by casimir frederic coquette kaplan/the this many boyfriends club

meet the boyfriends:

casimir frederic coquette kaplan - guitar/vox
veronica danger winslow-danger - vox
andrew miller - bass
evan magoni - drums
lara oundjian - vox/phantom member

cover art by higu - www.swamp-monster.net



all rights reserved


The This Many Boyfriends Club Montréal, Québec




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Track Name: Let's Go
could you save us a good tract of land for a playground to go?
we've been waiting through the wintertime eating ice drinking snow
we've been wasting through this wintertime and it's starting to show
and when you start carrying mail again could you please let us know?

when the people when they think of me what do they say?
do they picture an actress or an itchy duvet?
will they show me hospitality implore me to stay?
offer me more than i can turn away?

let's go!
Track Name: A Little Fucking Candor
i'll fly into abandon
gamble my candid nature
i'll bury all my sorrow
she'll never see through me

this is not a new feeling
but it's still a new feeling
i knew that this was coming
and that she'd see through me

it's simple arithmetic don't you know
to make a fuckup of it just for show
at least you don't know just how much i know
Track Name: Only Trying
lightswitches hidden in
(i'm only trying to reach you)
patterns on bedroom walls
(by going to where you've been to)
are we still or are we stale?
(clinging to things around you)
electricity it's music to me

let's find the joy in this
(make friends with other people)
cause i've learned a lot from this
(dream longer than i'm sleeping)
sing to me like muddy water
(fourteen long weeks of waiting)
it's more than i'd do for a punk kid like you

you've just been so hard to find
it's simple pick up your pen and find a friendly bird
Track Name: Hey Boy!
hey boy! are you alone tonight?
and am a sight for your sore eyes?
you're the only reason i'd stay awake
this late on weekday nights

hey boy! are you dressed to imply
you would rather stay inside tonight?
i would sing of my delight
but this line has just been bowdlerized

would you would you?
i don't know girl!
would you...?
does it show girl?
would you would you?
i don't know...
do you?

hey boy! i'd like to close my eyes
but you see yours have me paralyzed
okay it's time we tried to rise
tell me when did morning turn to night?

hey boy! are you alone tonight?
boy are you a sight for my sore eyes
you're the only reason i'd stay awake
on this or any night

be mine!
Track Name: Polly Anne Marie
all that dead time i wasn't sleeping
i spent in slavish imitation of the standards of chicanery
the one thing i won't get over
is that double iteration of what's threatening to bury
sweetest polly i am a slave
i wanna take you by the ponytail and make you wish you loved me
i am soaking and i am drained
i am ashamed

you won't see me before the moon is new
honey please don't make me murder you

a team of scientists they have discovered
a certain spindly anomaly that eats away at arteries
if i could give you a name
it would be sour as a pomegranate mixed with fear and envy
sweetest polly i am the same
i'm a potato left in dirty water skin me boil me eat me
oh my polly black and blue angel
come out and play

so you won't see me and make my nightmare true
but honey please don't make me murder you